Friday, December 31, 2010

Links to 41st Ward Aldermanic candidate sites

Updated January 5, 2011
Updated January 22, 2011

How are aldermanic candidates trying to get their messages across in Chicago's 41st Ward? I made a survey this morning of the various places on the Internet where candidate information could be found. If this is incomplete, it is solely because of my inadequate computer skills and not because of any intentional omission or intended slight.

I will be pleased to update this as candidates add new sites. Send me an email (there's a link from the Sidebar) or leave a comment.

Candidates are listed in ballot order as per the Chicago Board of Elections.

Thomas Patrick Murphey
Thomas Patrick Murphey for 41st Ward Alderman (Facebook page)

Daniel T. Lapinski
Daniel T Lapinski for 41st Ward Alderman (Facebook page)

James J. Schamne
James J. Schamne for 41st Ward Alderman (Facebook page)

John Joseph Quinn
John Quinn for Alderman (web site)
Vote John Quinn 41st Alderman (Facebook page)
VoteJohnQuinn (Twitter feed)

Mary O'Connor
Mary E. O'Connor for 41st Ward Alderman (web site)
Mary E. O'Connor for Alderman (Facebook page)
YouTube videos.

Richard Gonzalez
Richard Gonzalez for Alderman - 41st Ward (Facebook page)
Richard Gonzalez Alderman 41st Ward (web site)

Maurita E. Gavin
41st Ward for Maurita Gavin (Facebook page)
Maurita E. Gavin for Alderman 41st Ward (web site)
YouTube Video here

George Banna
I was unable to find any dedicated campaign sites.

Barbara Ateca
Friends of Barbara Ateca (Facebook page)

Jim Mullen
Jim Mullen for Alderman (Facebook page)
Jim Mullen 41st Ward Alderman (web site)

Brock Merck
Mr. Merck has asked that I post this website link and personal Facebook page. He also has posted videos on YouTube. Here is a representative example.


Unknown said...

I'm the only Brock Merck found on the internet. Multiple sites show my positions.

Jack Leyhane said...

Mr. Merck -- thank you. As you say, I found your positions on several sites, often in comments, and Googling your name will serve to locate these. However, I was unable to find any site that has been set up by you/your campaign.

Unknown said...

Brock Merck is alive and well with dedicated pages to a campaign.!/profile.php?id=100000481114381


Brock Merck
I've moved 5 videos onto and off over the last 2 months.

Anonymous said...

This article is very interesting as it highlights one of the 41st Ward's candidates, the company they choose and who they get their "help" from. Can someone please read and explain their actions?