Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Con-Con cometh?

This morning, the Morning Shorts on the Capitol Fax Blog cited to this post on Illinois Review about a possible Constitutional Convention in Illinois.

Whether to stage a new Con-Con will be put to a vote. Whether that vote will result in a Con-Con being called -- well, it may be too early to guess. But people are starting to talk. To cite just one example, I recently saw a reference on The Sixth Ward blog to this post by Peoria Pundit.

So, just in case, I have my pet Con-Con issues already picked out:
  1. Roll back the Cutback Amendment and restore three member districts and cumulative voting for the Illinois House, and

  2. Make judicial primaries non-partisan.


Anonymous said...

Number 3 - No more gerrymandering - all election districts will be drawn as aompact as possible, i.e. let the computer draw districts

Jack Leyhane said...

I'm happy to accept the idea of truly compact, non-gerrymandered districts as a worthy goal... but, unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that computers are already used, extensively, to develop the current maps....