Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why don't they ever offer more than 25%?

I know it's becoming redundant (all together now: "and repetitive") but I can't help but read these scam fund transfer e-mails. The facts change; the size of the fortune varies -- but 20 or 25% seems to be the going rate for participation in these ventures.
My Dear Friend,

I am interested in a partnership investment programme with your self/corporation.
Clearly they've done their due diligence; they seem to know so much about me.
There is this huge amount of Five million Seven hundred and fifthy thousand U.S dollars($5,750,000.00)which my late father kept in a security/financial company before he was assasinated by unknown persons, during a political crisis in my country. My father deposited it as a family treasure and that was before his death.
As opposed to deposits made after death, as is alleged in some of these....
Now I and mother left Angola to Senegal,through the help of my late father's good friend. Right now we are in refugee camp and we have decided to invest these money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside my country Angola and the whole of Africa for security and political reasons.
Maybe I'm just a spoiled American, but if I had $5.75 million burning a hole in my pocket, I'd find a decent hotel to stay in, not a refugee camp. Couldn't your "father's good friend" direct you to the local Holiday Inn? Is that why you're not looking to him to help direct your investment strategy? Because you think any random stranger with an e-mail address can do better than he could?
We would want you to assist us to transfer this fund to your country for safty and investment purposes on the followings below:

3).Real Estate Business

If you will be able of rendering an assistance to us we will adequately compensate you 25% Of the total fund.

We will arrange all the necessary procedures in ensuring a smooth process for the funds to get to you. We will also appreciate if you contact me once you receive this mail to enable me give you more details.
Such as the your bank's ABA routing number and your account number so that funds can be 'smoothly' wired in. Or out.
This matter requires your urgent attention , confidentiality and discretion no matter what your decision maybe.

Thank you and God bless you.
Your's Sincerely,
Duoala Mbale
These things keep coming, so I have to assume that -- at least sometimes -- they actually work. When? Who's fallen for this? How? If you know of a 'for instance' please leave me a comment.

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